Selasa, 28 Juni 2011

Biodata Asmirandah

Full Name: Asmirandah 
Nickname: Andah 
Place & Date of birth: Jakarta, October 5, 1989

 Sinteron Asmirandah is a player, began his career in the entertainment ground water through the soap opera "Marriage Hanging On". He is most famous since starred in the film "Is It" and "Cinta SMU 2."After that she was familiarly called Andah invited to bet on the soap opera that lain.Selain Andah also has starred in several advertising products such as: Rexona, Pangkey Chocolate, Chocolate Gery and Suzuki Spin.

- Marriage Hanging
- Is this It 
- Cinta SMU 2 
- The Meaning Of Love, 
- Supreme Love
- Supreme Love 2 
- You're Still My Love
- Wulan- Your Heaven
- Baby Doll 
- Melody 

- Rexona 
- Chocolate Pankey 
- Gery Brown 
- Suzuki Spin 

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