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Biodata Chelsea Olivia

Full Name: Chelsea Olivia Wijaya 
TTL: Bandar Lampung, 29 July 1992
Religion: Christian Protestant 
Name of father: Jacob Wijaya 
Name of Mother: Juliana Agustin 
Son To: 3 of 3 brothers (the youngest) 
Last Education: High School 6 Jakarta 
Zodiac: Leo 
Height: 166 cm 
Weight: 47 Kg 
Shoe size: 39
Favorite colors: Pink, Green 
Favorite food: Fried Chicken, carp Fuel 
Favorite Drink: sekoteng 
Ideals: dermatologist 
Hobbies: Sleeping, Hear Music, a collection of Perfume and Shoes, Shopping, Playing Basketball and Swimming
Idol Stars: Dakota Fanning, Paris Hilton, Agnes Monica, The Band, So7, Bob Marley, Aero Band

Labels: Chelsea Olivia
Chelsea Olivia actress is flawless in this soap opera artist, ad players, as well as a movie star who was born in Bandar Lampung, July 29, 1992. The owner's full name Chelsea Olivia Wijaya began his career the first time in the field of model.
after that chelsea start reaching the world of acting with his first acting in the soap opera that is Matahariku. Bids were more and more so the name chelsea began to climb, on the soap opera "Nayla's Diary" Chelsea name started getting known for his acting very riveting soap opera lovers. In "Diary Nayla" chelsea clash of acting with co-star Glenn alinske, which eventually terlibah cinlok (love the location) so now chelsea olivia Glenn became his mistress. Chelsea also had starred in several movies including Summer Breeze, BBB (not the usual star).


* A drop of dew
* Shadow Adina
* Serberkas Love Mama
* Matahariku
* God is Everywhere
* Nature
* Ring
* Prince Seducer
* Nayla's Diary
* Witch Love
* Love Supreme
* Rose (soap operas)
* Girls Conqueror
* Loni Beautiful Would You So My boyfriend
* Mother's departure
* Congratulations Natasha Way
* Chelsea
* Jasmine To Marvel


* Not a Star Ordinary (2007)
* Summer Breeze (2008)


* Soba Noodles
* Image
* Brown Ceres
* Metalizer with Samuel Zylgwyn
* Texas Fried Chicken
* Ando with Glenn Alinskie
* You Apples
* San Yung
* Mix Bowl A & W with Dimas Beck and Mischa
* My G


* BBB (Not Star Ordinary)

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