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Biodata Ririn Dwi Ariyanti


Name: Ririn Dwi Ariyanti
Place of birth: JakartaDate of birth: 6 November 1985Religion: Islam

CareersYoungest of two brothers and Sudiman partner Amelia Rusanti this Riantonoto became famous after playing in the soap opera Love With Love. Another patron who later starred, among others Not Myself, Rings, Cinderella Dream, Stupid Man, the Sun of Love, Doors Hidayah, Maha Kasih, Maha Cinta, Promise, Light. Apart from soap operas, Ririn also been a presenter of infotainment in TV7 and earlier to the presenter "Room Kita-Kita" on SCTV.

EducationAlthough busy playing soap operas, Ririn finally managed to finish college at Paramadina University. Ririn successfully defended their thesis entitled 'Effectiveness of a Special Event On The Image Formation in Eyes EO Store audiences' in front of examiners Paramadina University lecturer.

Personal lifeRirin never establish love with Benny Mulya. But their relationship foundered after dating for four years


* Rooms We-We (SCTV, 2002-2003) / prod. Avant Garde 
* Let's Dance (Global TV, 2004-2005) / prod. Global TV
* Clas News (Global TV, 2006-2007) / prod. Global TV

Soap operas

* "TV series AADC" (2003) 
* "Not Myself" (2006)
* "The Ring" (2006) 
* "Cinderella Dreams" (2006) 
* "Romance 21" (2004) 
* "Stupid Man" (2005) 
* "The Sun of Love" (2005) 
* "Door Hidayah" (2005) 
* "Love Supreme" (2005) 
* "Love Supreme" (2007)
* "Promise" (2007)
* "Light" (2007)

TV Ads
* Fres & Natural 
* Emeron Hand & Body Lotion 
* Emeron Bath Body Scrub 
* Milkjus


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