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Bae Soo-bin added to Dong Yi

Bae Soo Bin and Han Hyo Joo will be teaming up again in Dong Yi
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Something tells me that Brilliant Legacy fans are gonna flip: Bae Soo-bin will once again be teaming up with Han Hyo-joo in the historical drama Dong Yi. (Then again, as the series has already cast Ji Jin-hee as the king who takes Han's water maid character as his concubine, this means that Bae Soo-bin once again will play second fiddle…)
Bae is no stranger to the sageuk, having acted in Emperor of the Sea, Jumong, and Painter of the Wind. In Dong Yi, his role is described as "Bi-dam-like" as he portrays a masculine swordsman. He is the childhood friend to Dong-yi's older brother, who asks him to take care of his sister before dying. He therefore watches over her throughout her life, loving her devotedly.

Bae intends to beginning martial arts and sword training in order to portray his character realistically. Having already performed in historical dramas, Bae has the basic skills such as equestrian experience and should be ready to begin immediately. Filming will begin in late January.

Last year was a huge year for Bae, as his career took off with roles in two hit dramas, Brilliant Legacy and Angel's Temptation, as well as the films Aeja and Girlfriends. This newest role ought to raise his profile even higher.

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