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[News] Lee Seung Gi VS TVXQ, which one is Han Hyo Joo’s music taste? (21.10.2010)

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The day before interview on the 19th Han Hyo Joo appeared at KBS2 ‘Hee Yeol sketchbook’ and performed a song on stage. “Due to cold, my throat was not in its best condition, so I was wondering if I sang well? Yet since everyone seemed to enjoy it, it was really fun.” she said.

In fact, Han Hyo Joo has a great interest in music, eventhough acting is her desire, yet she still works in music as a hobby and will participate in a coming fall music festival called Grand Mint Festival for two days on October 23 and 24.

“When I was young, I learned varieties instruments from violin, piano, to guitar. It started well but the problem is when I had to stop it” as she laughed.

Suddenly we now become curious about Han Hyo Joo’s music taste, in which Han Hyo Joo replied, “I like a lot of indie bands, mostly I’m into pop music.” she also mentioned, “Youngwoong Jaejoong (TVXQ) is one singing so good.” From TeleCinema ‘Heaven’s Postman’ where Youngwoong Jaejoong and his group TVXQ contributed in the movie’s soundtrack, she learned to actually appreciate the true worth of their music.

Then how about Lee Seung Gi who acts together with her in ‘Brilliant Legacy’? To this question Han Hyo Joo replied, “Seung Gi makes good music too.” in trembling voices that drew laughters.

In the end she revealed, “I don’t have quite skill in producing my own music, but if there’s a chance, I want to stand and play for musical stage.”


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